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Pi Artworks Fuar Katılmları
  2 - 5 March 2017
Booth 739, Pier 94

Pi Artworks Istanbul/London is pleased to announce that it will participate for the 6th time in The Armory Show, New York. For the fair, Pi Artworks will premiere sculptures and works on paper by Abraham David Christian, Ahmet Civelek, Susan Hefuna, Tayeba Begum Lipi and Mehmet Ali Uysal. 

Christian, Hefuna, Lipi and Uysal share a long-standing interest in the different ways different artistic materials can be used to create permanent physical representations of something fleeting and delicate. By underlining how the use of different mediums and materials alter the viewer’s perception of each artist’s unique and recognisable aesthetic syntax, they underscore the materiality and potential of their chosen materials. 

Susan Hefuna will show two responses, one drawn one sculptural, to the networks created by the human body in relation to a given city’s architectural layout. The work will emphasise the performative nature of Hefuna’s practice in a similar way to her forthcoming survey exhibition TOGATHER curated by Samantha Lackey that will take place at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester this summer to coincide with Manchester International 2017. TOGATHER will be accompanied by a catalogue featuring a text on Hefuna's work by incoming Tate Director Maria Balshaw and the premier of a newly commissioned dance-performance in collaboration with Wayne McGregor Dance Company.

Abraham David Christian’s drawings contain sparse abstract structures of rapidly and intuitively composed shapes and lines. In contrast his metal sculptures depict similar constructions that retain the drawing’s lightness of touch but allow the viewer to experience the interplay of light and shadow as they move around the work. Christian was the youngest person ever to participate in documenta when he collaborated with Joseph Beuys as part of Harold Szeemann’s documenta 5. A few years later he became the youngest person to teach at the prestigious Dusseldorf Art Academy, Germany before being invited to participate in documenta 7.

Tayeba Begum Lipi has created everyday objects, a baby perambulator and a series of picture frames, comprised of gleaming stainless steel razor blades carefully welded into rigid yet fragile structures. Tools of precision and security, the blades transform quotidian objects into items imbued with luminosity and beauty, yet the implication that they are a protective armour for their implicitly female users adds a sinister and melancholic undertone. Within the frames are reproductions of scans taken prior to the artist’s miscarriage, which is juxtaposed with an empty perambulator encapsulates the painful tension between a brief life and the permanence of its memory. An earlier work from the same series, Love Bed (2012), was recently acquired by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York while other works from the series were featured in Lipi’s two-person exhibition at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, Michigan last year.

Mehmet Ali Uysal creates light-hearted, large-scale installations that are integrated into the material of the building or landscape they are situated in, transforming the venue and altering both the viewer's perception of the space as well as how they move around it. For the fair Uysal has moulded in plaster a chunk of chewed-up, bright white bubble gum smeared across the booth’s wall. Anonymous Sculpture No.1 playfully contrasts the pliable and throwaway nature of the gum with the solidity of its oversized replica. Later this year Uysal will unveil the final edition of Skin (2013), a six-meter-tall clothes peg pinching the ground, that is installed just outside Mexico City as well as Airplane, a similarly monumental paper plane, that will be situated in Dallas. 

Pi Artworks Istanbul/London was founded in Istanbul in 1998. In 2013 it became the region’s first gallery to expand internationally when it opened a space on Eastcastle Street, London. 

Pi Artworks continues to be one of Turkey’s primary commercial galleries, promoting Turkish artists within the international market and introducing international artists to its local market. Since opening a second venue, Pi Artworks has worked to enrich the UK art scene. It has helped realise major institutional exhibitions, such as Susan Hefuna at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester and Ipek Duben at Fabrica, Brighton. It has initiated collaborations with universities, including a long-running Curatorial Open arranged with Goldsmiths University of London. It has also commissioned exciting new exhibitions by curators such as Sacha Craddock, Oliver Sumner, and Morgan Quaintance.

Founder and Director Yesim Turanli is based in London and currently sits on the Art International selection committee and since 2013 the Tate Middle-East Acquisitions Committee.

For information, interviews, and images, please contact Neil Jefferies: nj@piartworks.com / +44 207 637 8403

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