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Pi Artworks Fuar Katılmları
  3 - 6 March 2016

Artist presented:
Susan Hefuna


Pi Artworks Istanbul/London is pleased to announce it has been selected to participate in The Armory Show 2016 and will present a solo booth of never previously exhibited work by Susan Hefuna. The booth will bring together works from three different strands of Hefuna’s practice, her drawings, her sculptures, and her textiles, each of which share Hefuna’s unique and recognisable aesthetic syntax.

The booth explores the artist’s fascination with networks and structures of connection that inhabit public spaces and how they become the framework for peoples’ interactions with each other, in particular how these networks become visible through and influenced by architectural models and city planning.

Upon arriving at a city, Hefuna spends a few days traversing its streets and squares until this calmative process lulls her into a state in which she feels ready to compose work that will capture the atmosphere of the location. Her drawings, often her initial artistic response to a place, start with a single dot or line that is unfolded in a single session without the need for preliminary drafts. The resulting structures are not subjected to a pre-determined system but instead are intuitively composed and open to changes and subversions that are influenced by the specific location. Hefuna’s delicately composed structures suggest interlocking structures, such as DNA, embroidery, molecular structures and, most significantly, buildings or maps. Each relating to a place but not through reproducing its recognisable visual facets, but rather through materialising the abstract impression it has on the artist.

New works on paper will be exhibited at The Armory Show: eight Red Thoughts [2014], composed with red and white watercolour on multiple layers of tracing paper and four individual works on paper each titled Cityscape  [2015], consisting of more rigid and angular structures composed with black ink on handmade Japanese paper.

The booth’s focal point will be NOUS [2015], an aluminium sculpture that is the largest so far created by the artist. Five aluminium sculptures will be included in the booth, each a porous structure analogous to those depicted in the works on paper. These three-dimensional structures allow the viewer to approach the work from various perspectives to experience the interplay of light and shadow that changes as they move around the work, reflecting more directly the architectural resonances within Hefuna’s practice.
Hefuna’s vast textile work Be One [2015] has the words of the title embedded  scrawled like graffiti into the artist’s familiar  constellation of interconnected dots and lines that stretch across a two meter wide reel of black Egyptian cotton. As with the artist’s previous  textile works  that deploy text, the implications of the two words remain ambiguous to allow  varying readings depending on the viewer’s cultural background and native language.

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