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Pi Artworks Fuar Katılmları
  8-11 November 2017
Booth X2 - 20

Artists presented :
Gülay Semercioğlu, Susan Hefuna

Pi Artworks Istanbul/London is pleased to announce that it will participate for the first time in Abu Dhabi Art 2017, UAE with Susan Hefuna in dialogue with Gülay Semercioğlu. Pi Artworks will present one sculpture from Susan Hefuna and Kilim series from Semercioğlu. Artists' works are intercompatibility in different artistic materials by foregrounding the cultural, historical and political dimentions as a multicultural signifier connecting, multiple histories and geographies into a dynamic spatial experience.

Susan Hefuna's (New York/Dusseldorf/Cairo) sculpture is tangled by Egyptian window wood carvings that have historically been intended to protect the interior of private homes against curious gazes from the outside, whilst simultaneously allowing a view from the inside out. Both functional and ornamental, the exquisite lattices of the mashrabiyas reoccur in Hefuna’s drawings, photographs and sculptures. She is drawn to the multi-faceted notion of architecture, as it exists microscopically, as with DNA molecules, and on a larger scale as the networks of streets within public spaces and how they serve as a framework for peoples’ interactions with one another. The artistic process for these works is deeply meditative and incorporates words, both English and Arabic that encourage individual interpretation. She use her mixed heritage for in drawings, installations, performances, photographs, sculptures, and videos to cross the location and identity. Building series were inspired by the horizontal and vertical lines in modern architectural models and city planning. Sculptures show the connection of the networks created by the human body and structures of connection that inhabit public spaces and how they become the framework for peoples’ interactions with each other. Her works focus on how these networks become visible.

Gulay Semercioglu’s (Istanbul) signature Kilim (2017), is a personal interpretation of an Ottoman Empire textile from Anatolia, which were believed to bring prosperity, fertility and happiness. Upon closer inspection the work reveals its medium—weaved enamel coated silver wire and screws, a technique that recalls the Women’s movements of Turkey and the act of knitting as a form of resistance and subversion. This filament, only slightly thicker than a human hair, is repeatedly interwoven and overlapped and then pulled taut, resulting in a rigid metallic mesh. The thinness of the wire and the density of the overlapping layers mean that from a distance the surfaces appear like shimmering, glossy blocks of smooth colour, while up close the viewer witnesses fluctuating tonal modulations as light is reflected and refracted from each individual strand.

For information, interviews, and images, please contact:

Eda Derala: ed@piartworks.com

Işıl Aydemir: isil@piartworks.com

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